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Gympie Attractions


There are many attractions in and around Gympie:

Gympie gold mining and historical museum1

“The Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum” 215 Tin Can Bay Rd Monkland +61 7 54823995 or (07) 54823995 – houses memorabilia from the early gold mining era, as well as displays showcasing military, rural, transport, communications and steam development in Australia.


woodworks museum1

“The WoodWorks Museum” Bruce hwy Gympie +61 7 54837691 or (07) 54837691 – provides an insight into the timber industry & social history of yesteryear through displays and demonstrations. Features include a large selection of pioneering handtools, 1925 Republic truck, bullock wagons and blacksmith shop.



“The Valley Rattler Steam Train” Tozer Street Gympie +61 7 54822750 or (07) 5482750 – winds its way through the backyards of the southern side of Gympie and then continues west into the scenic Mary Valley where it crosses and then follows the Mary River to negotiate the valley and the Mary’s main tributaries. The tourist train began operations in 1996. It provides a spectacular journey through the valley beginning at the Old Gympie Railway Station in Tozer Street. This station is the original railway station for the track that passed through Gympie in the 1900s gold rush. An era well remembered and the people that made it so. They were hard workers and dedicated to keeping “The Valley Rattler” going for visitors all over to world to enjoy.



“Mothar Mountain Speedway” 328 Noosa Rd Mothar Mountain +61 7 427737174 or (07) 427737174 -is Gympie’s local Raceway which hosts the motorsport Speedway A.K.A Dirt track racing. Mothar Mountain Speedway is promoted by The Gympie Saloon Car Club Ltd.



“The Gympie Music Muster” – from Thursday 22 August to Sunday 25 August 2014

… the Beautiful and normally peaceful Amamoor Creek State Forest Park provides the perfect setting for this quintessential Aussie event, with over 50 hectares of well maintained, planned camping facilities, plenty of hot showers and toilets, and a central entertainment precinct.

While the general theme is country, the genre is celebrated in all its forms. Each venue hosts an array of entertainment including folk, alt-country, bush poetry, country dance, Australian traditional, blues, Americana and bluegrass. There is also a smattering of classic Aussie rock to ensure all tastes are catered for.

The Gympie Music Muster is an event full of fun, family, friends and great music. It’s an experience that all of us must have at least once to remind us how lucky we are to be Australian.

Gympie Muster contact details:

Festival & General Camping Book tickets for 2014 Book by Monday 5th August Natalie O’Rourke 0415736444

26 August 2014 – 31 August 2014




Coming Soon

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GympieonMobile..”where on mobile”

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Gympie is located off the Bruce Highway (Highway 1) in Queensland, 166 kilometres north of Brisbane. Gympie today

is the centre of Queensland’s Mary River Valley agricultural district with cattle-stations, pig farms, fruit

orchards, vegetable gardens, and an active dairy industry.

One of Australia’s biggest country music festivals, the Country Music Muster, is held at Gympie’s Amamoor Creek State Forest Park every year in August. In October, Gympie holds its week-long Gympie Gold Rush Festival which includes competitions in gold panning and rock drilling, and a twilight street procession.

Gold was first discovered near Gympie by John Carne Bidwill in 1851. however, until an itinerant prospector named James Nash announcement of a payable goldfield which came at an opportune time, for Queensland was in the throes of a severe economic crisis, the town known as Gympie today, arose on the banks of the Mary River was hailed as the colony’s saviour.

Gympie was known back in 1867 as the town that saved Queensland from bankruptcy.

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GympieonMobile…”Upcoming Special Events”.

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“The Mary Rattler” – Experience a Long Lost Era.

“The Mary Rattler”

Step back in time and experience the excitement of travelling by steam. The Mary Valley Rattler Steam Train.

“The Valley Rattler” steam heritage tours are operated by The Mary Valley Heritage Railway (MVHR) every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesdays. Tours depart from the historic Gympie Railway station and the destination varies according to the day of operation. The “Red Rocket” Heritage Railmotor operates every Tuesday morning.

Address: Tozer Street, Gympie (Qld) 4570 …Fares and Reservations (07) 54822750

More Information click here

DUE to the Coronavirus the Festivals at Gympie are not determine for a date. We will let you know when and if they proceed. Keep an eye on Updates in the Gympieonmobile app.




Starting Saturday 14th September 

The Mary Valley is turning tradition on its ear this year with the annual Scarecrow Festival starting on 14th September 2013.

The scary fellows will hang around until October 18.

Registrations opened on August 19, and the stuffed figures will be popping up on country roads and busy streets from September 14.

Categories are open, traditional and child.

You can choose to make a traditional scarecrow, or enter something extraordinary in the artistic category.

There is also a children’s category for five-to-15-year-old scarecrow creators.

For registrations email or visit Scarecrows




Starting Saturday 19th October 

Experience the Gympie gold rush and 100 years of history with more than 30 displays at the Gold Mining and Historical Museum.

Set by a picturesque lake, the museum’s collection of buildings house memorabilia from the early gold mining era, military, rural, transport, communications, steam and more.

Gympie Goldrush Festival The Committee and Members of GoldRush have really got the Fever this year and want to make sure that you all have something to see and do during the week in the lead up to the final day – Saturday 19th October. Come and enjoy whats- in -store in Gympie Gold Rush Festival.

The 2013 Gympie Gold Rush Festival is a popular event in Cooloola and nearby towns. This is an annual celebration that celebrates the popular gold discovery at Gympie by James Nash in the year 1867. As one of the most admired festivals in Gympie and its nearby communities; a number of residents, local visitors and international tourists celebrate the eleven day festival, held in the month of October.

With a theme to celebrate the fascinating heritage of the Cooloola region in Gympie, this popular festival showcases a diverse and colourful array of interactive activities, shows, competitions and entertainment programs from guests of all ages.   If you are in the Gympie or Cooloola regions during early October, then make sure to visit this event to experience something amazing and unique. Today, the Gold Rush festival is as one of the premier annual amusement events; with a diverse range of entertainment and activities, making this event a perfect event for everyone.

While at the event, locals, visitors and tourists get an opportunity to understand the real expedition and discovery process that took place here about a century ago.

Come to this amazing event with your loved ones to enjoy and get an once-in-a-lifetime experience.


(To Be Announced)

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DUE to the Coronavirus the Festivals at Gympie are not determine for a date. We will let you know when and if they proceed.

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